Dean of Technical Institute of Nursing

Prof. Dr. Afaf Abdel Aziz Basal


It gives me pleasure to welcome you to the Technical Institute of Nursing, Tanta University in which I am proud to work as a chairperson. The Institute aims to develop the profession of nursing and to raise health standard through graduating qualified cadres who are able to take responsibility and make decisions. The institute also seeks in a fast pace towards quality and excellence to be a beacon to prepare a distinguished generation in Egypt and the Arab world and to be a cultural and intellectual center for society in the fields of education and community service by providing an appropriate academic environment for students. The Institute is also distinguished by the fact that it has a highly qualified teaching staff working as a team. Another important thing that distinguishes it is the spirit of love, cooperation and professionalism as everyone in it works with all diligence and perfection to highly upgrade the institute, God willing, and promote its graduates to the highest levels of professional performance in their work. Finally, I thank the whole family of the institute and their sincere efforts to elevate the institute and my prayers to God to help us in what is good and to protect our country and our great people from harm.

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