Student Union

Student Union

The Youth Welfare Activity of Student Union:
It is s the organizations through which students exercise various activities (sport, cultural, art, social, scout and public service, groups, science and technology committee activities). Each committee is formed annually under leadership of a Academic Staff member and membership of two students from each class. They are elected annually by their class by secret ballot and with attendance of a representative of the Faculty Youth Welfare technical body. Each committee elects a secretary from its members of students and a council of Student Union is formed. The leader of this council is the Faculty Dean or someone, from Academic Staff members, who undertakes his tasks. Members of the council are:
Faculty members who are leaders of the Union Council committees.
Director of the Technical Body at the Faculty Youth Welfare
Secretaries of Union Council at the Faculty. One secretary is elected from students.

Objectives of Student Union:
To develop spiritual and moral values as well as national and patriotic awareness among students.
To accustom students to proper leadership and to practise it
To disseminate true University Spirit among students.
To discover, refine and encourage students' talents.
To disseminate and promote formation of student groups.
To disseminate and organize various activities and make use of students' capacities in community service.

Student union Committees
The Sport Committee:
This committee seeks to spread sportsmanship among students and encourage sport talents. In addition, it aims to form sport teams and have games and sport festivals

The Cultural Committee:
This committee aims to promote literary and cultural capabilities, in addition to holding cultural competitions and lectures . . . etc. as part of cultural and literary activities.

The Art Committee:
This committee aims to discover, refine and encourage students' artistic talents. Moreover, it seeks to hold art exhibitions

The Social and Trips Committee:
This committee seeks to develop of social ties among students and between students and Academic Staff members. Also, it aims to hold social competitions and organize social recreational trips and camps.

The Scientific and Technological Committee:
It is interested in holding conferences and scientific discussions. It helps students cope with technology and organizes scientific expeditions.

Student Groups Committee:
A student group is some students who gather under a leader who serves as a head of this group in order to practise cultural, social, art and sport activities.

Steps of Group formation:
The group leader submits a petition to Student Groups Committee of the Faculty student union. This petition shows the following:
1. Title of the group
2. The group formation
3. The group objectives
4. Plan of the group activity throughout the academic year.
5. Names of students who subscribed in the group provided that they are no less than 50 students.
6. The file is ratified by the group leader and Groups Committee leader then it is handed over to the Faculty Youth Welfare.
7. The family cannot practise its activities unless it is ratified by Faculty Dean then by University Vice President.

The Scout and Public Service Committee:
This Committee aims to practise the scout activity, to implement environmental service programs of the Faculty and to take part it public service camps organized by the General Administration of Youth Welfare at the University.

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