Student Welfare

Procedures for having financial assistance from Social Solidarity Fund:

A student goes to Student Welfare at Student Welfare Administration at the Faculty to get a letter to the Social Unit he is affiliated to.
> A student present social research document attached to a ratified statement about family income including salary items, pension items, agricultural holding and an administrative certificate of business.
A student presents a request to University Vice President for Education and Student Affairs to get the financial assistance.

Regulations of Student Group formation:

The group leader submits a request to Student Groups Committee of the Faculty student union. This request shows the following:
1. Title of the group
2. Group formation
3. Group objectives
4. Plan of the group activity throughout the academic year
5. Names of students who subscribed in the group provided that they are no less than 50 students
6. The file is ratified by the group leader and Groups Committee leader then it is handed over to Youth Welfare Administration at the Faculty.
7. The student group cannot practise its activities unless it is ratified by Faculty Dean then by University Vice President.

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